Rabu, 29 November 2017

Recruitment PT. Dirgantara Indonesia

Kamis, 16 November 2017

Recruitment Telkom Sigma

Jumat, 10 November 2017

Recruitment internal xl

Dare yourself to send your updated CV to recruitment_internal@xl.co.id 
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1.Analytics Centre of Excellence – Data Science (2 FTE)
2.Trade and Network Analytics – Network Analytics (1FTE)
3.Mass Market Analytics – Analytics Pool

Technology Office Directorate

1.Technology Architecture & Business Process – App Architecture OSS (2 FTE)
2.Technology Architecture & Business Process – IT Infra Architecture (3 FTE)
3.Technology Architecture & Business Process – Data Architecture
4.Infrastructure Security
5.Application Security Assurance
6.API & Micro-services – Middleware Development
7.API & Micro-services – Release Engineering
8.API & Micro-services – API & Micro-services Tester (5)
9.IT Non-Core Application Development – Scrum Master
10.IT Non-Core Application Development – SQC & Release Engineering OSS
11.IT Non-Core Application Development – ERP Functional Analyst (Finance)
12.Data Engineering – Scrum Master
13.Transport NW – IP Core
14.Project Network Rollout – Sitac & Civil Support (2)
15.Project IT & Core – PM Infra
16.Project IT & Core – PM Core
17.Project IT & Core – PM Core Apps (2)
18.BSS Transformation
19.BSS Transformation – Architect (3 FTE)
20.BSS Transformation – BRM
21.RAN Regional Service Performance and Optimization Jabo Region
22.RAN Service Performance and Optimization SME
23.Transport Service Performance and Optimization SME

Commercial Office Directorate

1.Banking & Online – KAM
2.Device Chain – KAM
3.Traditional Channel – Dealer KPI & Formulation
4.Axis Channel Development – Channel Development
5.Device Proposition and Innovations – Core Products (2 FTE)
6.Region North – Manager XL Center
7.Region North - Training Specialist
8.Business Development
9.Area Sales Manager
10.Sales Support & Admin Group
11.Banking & FS – KAM
12.Govt, Public & Energy – KAM
13.Retail & FMCG – KAM
14.Strategic Account
15.Strategic Account – KAM
16.Media & Technology – KAM
17.Transportation and Logistics
18.Transportation and Logistics – KAM
19.Fixed & IT Delivery

Open Vacancy for external Huawei

Open Vacancy for external Huawei
*Wireless Engineer* (1)
*Core Network Engineer* (1)
*Software Engineer* (1)

*Preferable experienced
*If fresh graduate, min GPA 3.25
*Preferable not ex-Huawei due to time limited

Kindly submit CV to

Trainee Program BUMN